Leandra Nowak

You Make Money On The Internet While You Earn Money At A Job

If you are currently working at a 9 ways to make easy money 5 job and are new to the internet and you plan to pursue the many income opportunities that it offers, it is important know the difference between making online as opposed to earning money at job.

So what’s the difference between the two? The distinction is this, you earn money at a job because you are simply swapping hours for dollars at a fixed hourly wage or salary. You are doing manual labor and in order for you to receive your paycheck week after week you must report to work on a daily basis to “earn your pay”.

Even worse, this 9 to 5 may be financially and emotionally unfulfilling for you because there are financial limits. The salary or hourly wage is usually capped per position, so it doesn’t matter if you advance there are only so many levels to advance to and your usually grey and old by the time you reach the top of the pyramid and that’s if you didn’t hit a career bump and get capsized or downsized in the process.

Making money on the other hand is an entirely different concept and mindset. It involves having money working for you rather than you having to work for it. Having multiple streams of income flowing into your bank account from the internet is THE WAY to have your money working for you instead of you working for it.

For example, as an affiliate marketer all you have to do is invest a little bit of money in constructing a fully optimize content based website and the advertising and promotion of it. Once your affiliate system is in place, you make money on a recurring basis without you having to be physically present. You have in effect created a passive income that does not have any limits as to how much you can make.

Another key component of making money on the internet involves the principles of leverage which entails utilizing other people resources, money, know how, experience, time and systems for maximum gain. To expand on the previous example of the affiliate marketer, an affiliate makes money selling someone else’s product on the internet.

Depending on the partnership, the affiliate makes money when someone buys the product, or by getting people to click over to the merchant’s website. The principles of leverage are in effect because the affiliate marketer didn’t spend the money to create the product and doesn’t own it. Someone else does, but it does not matter because the affiliate benefits and makes money.

As you can clearly see making money on the internet is entirely different from earning money at a job the question is which one do you prefer? Personally, I prefer to make money on the internet.