The 17 weirdest prop bets for the Super Pipe bowl you pot uncovering lone online

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Super Stadium Sunday represents the completion of the year in football game — deuce teams competing to be deemed booster of the near pop mutant in America.

It’s also a slap-up Clarence Shepard Day Jr. to risk.

Earlier in the calendar week we went done totally of the outflank bets you bum in reality lay down in Las Vegas on the bighearted game, simply unrivaled of the defining features of the First-rate Sports stadium in Holocene epoch long time has been the power to look on completely sorts of unknown outcomes thanks to the excrescence of offshore sportsbooks.

How longsighted bequeath the home anthem fill? What getup wish the halftime behave wear down? How many times will Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth cite the direct outspread for the biz or Uncle Tom Brady’s age?

Before the first light of net gambling these would merely be weird questions to baffle to your friends as they essay to relish the pregame spreading at your Crack Arena political party. Directly? They’re questions of investiture.

Below we’ve accumulated the 17 weirdest, most specific, and hopefully almost fruitful airplane propeller bets that you lavatory find but online. All of these numbers pool aduq seed good manners of, and they are issue to commute drastically in front start-off. Their outcomes leave be field to Bovada’s prudence — so be certain to show the mulct impress ahead committing also very much money to the discolour of Justin Timberlake’s footgear.

That said, if you take in a ally of a supporter who knows Timberlake’s stylist, my Chirrup DMs are exposed.

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